ARI Financial Services

ARI Financial Services is a privately held Fleet Management company. With assets over $1B we are well equipped to assist our clients with forecasting capital costs, providing prediction analytics and improving their bottom line. Some of our clients include Telus Mobile, Kraft Heinz and the Ontario Provincial Police. 

A large majority of my time at ARI was spent working with a team of interns on a company wide project. The goal for this project was to map out process flows from the company's several departments, find pain points and present solutions to upper management. What I enjoyed most about this project was that we were given no specific task other than to save the company time and money. It was a completely hands-free project, ARI gave us access to all the data and resources we needed to come up with innovative solutions. 

ARI Front Office.jpg

By the end of the summer we had come up with a step-by-step action plan for the company to implement. Many of our solutions were technologically driven to help save the company time and allow room for flexibility in the future. My biggest takeaway from this project was learning how to plan for a company's future. When developing these solutions we had to keep in mind where we expected the company to be in 5 to 10 years and plan for that. 

My day to day tasks included working in the  damage management department, my main goal was to minimize risk through our insurance services. I worked with our clients' fleet departments and their respective insurance companies to help them get the most from their fleet vehicles. This facet of the job taught me a lot about driving a company's bottom line. Although growth may be the focus for many companies, it is just as important to build a strong foundation for the company's investments.