Radiance is a web scraping application, which scrapes current stock data from an online source. It then uses this information to develop a rating on the stock based on it's historical price and price movement patterns. We are currently in the process of implementing an algorithm to analyze a company's financial statements and develop a scoring system for the financial health of a company.

The program was built using Java, SQL and Python. Java was used to parse data from an online API and also handled the GUI. SQL stored the online data and we used Python to write the algorithms which gauged the health and direction of the stock. To the right is a screenshot of the application, it is outputting current raw data on the Exponential Moving Average of AAPL.

Radiance POC.png

Myself and Matthew Huynh, a fourth-year CS student at the University of Toronto, have been working on this project since summer 2018 and are still working to improve it. I have taken the lead in developing the algorithms and analyzing financial statements while Matthew's expertise in Java and SQL are extremely useful in developing the interface, web-scraping and data storage components.


Feel free to reach out if you have any experience with algo-trading and would like to discuss further regarding our project. Here is a link to Matthew's Website if you'd like to reach out to him.